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We’ll make it easy for you to offer in-home laundry, so it’s easy for your residents to feel at home.



Are you a resident looking to lease a washer or dryer?

More Revenue

89% of today’s renters search for in-home laundry and 77% won’t sign a lease without it. Offer a highly-demanded amenity that commands a 10-13% rent premium while increasing resident satisfaction and decreasing costs.

Less Headaches

Annually, an average of 20-30% of machines will need some repair, 2% will cause apartment damage, and 10-12% will need to be replaced. Free yourself of these burdens with 24/7 support from our certified technicians and no-hassle replacement options.


Our customized solutions reduce costs and liability and free up time for you and your staff while establishing the predictability of a fixed monthly rate with no upfront costs. All supported by a ΢Ƶ team of thousands of locally based experts and a 24/7 Customer Support Center.

Community Direct Rental Program

We’ll work for you through your on-site management team so that you can provide this high demand amenity at the premiums you choose. We’ll handle the upfront capital investment and our fixed monthly rate creates predictability by including unlimited service, parts and replacements. You’ll never worry about warehousing, installing, servicing, replacing or relocating machines again.

Resident Direct Rental Program

We work directly with your residents to finance and service their in-home laundry equipment while you simply refer them to ΢Ƶ. With minimal involvement from your team, you can market this amenity while we manage everything consistently and seamlessly; including the set-up, financing, billing and administration of resident accounts.

Service Agreement

Continue to own your machines while tapping into an expert service & parts agreement that relieves your maintenance staff, assures a working machine in every unit and helps keep residents satisfied. Silver, Gold & Platinum levels allow you to choose which monthly rate works best for you and access 1-2 day service from our certified technicians.

Choose Your Level of Control

Take full control over premiums as we work through your management team or if you’d rather have minimal involvement, we can work directly with your residents to finance and service their equipment.  Whether you’re looking for full management, machine replacement or service, keep control of what you want and we’ll take care of the rest.

Total Flexibility

We offer flexible lease terms and the option to deactivate unoccupied units.

Generate Capital

Start a new in-home program or upgrade an aging fleet of machines. Either way, you can generate capital and achieve peace of mind.

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The information provided is intended for illustrative purposes only. Data based on industry averages.

Data based on industry averages

  • % equipment replacement rate (industry average)
  • % of sets requiring service per year (industry average)
  • hr service visit length, hr damage claim visit length
  • $/hr labor cost
  • $ average parts expense per service visit
  • % of sets cause property damager per year (industry average)
  • $ average parts expense per damage claim


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΢Ƶ In-Home Laundry


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NOI - Net Operating Income
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Self Operated

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΢Ƶ In-Home Laundry

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